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DRIVEAWAY HOLIDAYS Contact Customer Service

DriveAway Holidays is an Australian company that is involved in providing domestic and international car hire services.
DriveAway Holidays has been in existence for 28 years and has been serving a lot of people when it comes to transportation either long distance or short distance. DriveAway Holidays have operations around the world and providing optimum level of service to customers at the lowest rates possible is what they try to do.
Depending on the purpose of travelling, DriveAway Holidays provides a customer with the car hire service that will best suite that purpose such that the customer has an enjoyable experience. Employees are treated well with adequate remuneration given to them for their work which means apart from caring for customers, they are also concerned about their staff.
The process for booking the service is also made easy so that customers have little or no stress in getting the needed vehicle for their travels. This is why an excellent DriveAway Holidays customer service has been put in place by DriveAway Holidays to make this possible so that the needs of customers can be well attended to. There is also a contact us option in place which is accessible by making use of a specific DriveAway Holidays phone number that is found on their site and is available 24 hours every day each week.

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