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Dominos Pizza, order your pizza by phone

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Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited is an Australian public business incorporated in December 1983. The company offers food chain outlets and provides a network of franchise serving Domino’s branded fast foods.

It positions itself as the largest pizza chain in Australia; due to its network of food stores, it is the largest operating franchisee for Domino’s Pizza worldwide. You can contact Dominos Pizza at their headquarters office in Hamilton, Queensland. Though Domino’s Pizza originates in the US, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited holds the exclusive master franchise rights for the entire Australia, New Zealand, France, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Belgium.

Domino’s Pizza operation covers all the seven countries and Australia with over 2000 sales outlets, which earned it the leading international Domino’s franchise in the world. It employs approximately 1700 people in Australia and offers exceptional customer service with extensive impact on the Australian economy.

You can reach them on Domino’s Pizza phone number for more information. Domino’s Pizza Enterprises operates three main divisions through which it manages its extensive networks: Corporate division, these are direct retailing outlets own by the company. Franchise division, these include local and international franchised pizza retailing outlets own by other companies that buy its franchise. Corporate development, this division has the duty to expand its direct branches as well as develop its network of the franchise across its areas of operations both in Australia and the other seven countries. Domino’s Pizza earned $939,976,000 in revenue for the third quarter of 2016 report.

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