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DODO Customer Service

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We provide in this site some contact options Dodo offers to their customers. For internet issues or queries, customer can use Dodo internet contact, filling website form. However, in case of immediate emergencies, Dodo Australia recommends to call 000 in order to get in touch with Dodo Australia.

Clients may use Dodo phone number regarding sales, customer support, technical assistance and gas support at 13 dodo. Dodo also offers live online support, and an alternate Dodo contact number aus.

Dodo’s extensive website has a menu for account owners to view their account status, to track hardware and to log any technical faults.

Dodo Australia offers 24 hour assistance for all the insurance policy holders. In fact, individuals who have questions, who want to update the policy or require assistance with online insurance quote can think about contacting a representative from the Dodo customer support team.

Dodo Australia can also be contacted through their online support centre, online support enquiry form, dodo number or through My Dodo app. The entire customer support team at Dodo Australia is friendly and they are looking forward to offer the best possible service for all the people who get in touch.



However, people who contact Dodo customer service should keep in mind that they have different Dodo phone numbers related to different services that are being offered. For example, Dodo contact number to get a quote differs from the number that need to be contacted in order to make a claim. The working hours of these numbers also differ from each other. All the required information along with working hours are mentioned on the official website for the convenience of users.

The users just need to visit the official website and confirm the details before contacting Dodo customer service team. The emergency service hotline of Dodo Australia is available 24 hours of the day and it is being answered promptly to help the people who have emergency needs.

For technical queries about Dodo products or services you can contact Dodo by chat in case the matter is urgent or send your question through website form. 

For Power & Gas Support, there is a Dodo helpline available from Monday to Sunday (8am-7pm). A staff representative also by chat in order to help with any kind of queries relating to power and gas services

Sales Enquiries can be attended via phone 13 DODO from Monday to Sunday (8am-7pm) for new customers or for existing customer which wish to add new products or you are moving house and need to relocate your service in the new address



If you have complaints about Dodo Australia you should call Dodo from Monday to Sunday (8am-11pm) to the following number 13 DODO or click in website option “online support request” and a form will be displayed in order to fill some field with your personal data and questions. Those who are calling from another provider may dial Dodo customer service number 02-8375-3629


If you have any concern or complaint about Dodo services you can use one of the above method of contact with Dodo or to send also a letter to the following address (dodo´s customer support will resolve complaints with next 2 days).

Dodo Services Pty Ltd, Att: Complaints Team PO Box 641, Collins St West, VIC, 8007 (Australia).



Dodo Australia is a company focused on consumer segment and offer telecommunication, insurance and energy services.

Dodo has grown a lot in the last years and now have a good position in each market in which Dodo is operating and it seems Dodo´s future could be better

Dodo is operating with many different services, currently the services provided by Dodo are

1. Internet services

2. Mobile services

3. Home phone services

4. TV services

5. Power and Gas services

6. Insurance services: car and home insurances

In 2014 dodo achieved a good agreement with Fetch TV in order to offer its PTV services or Dodo TV

Dodo Internet is an Australian M2 Group subsidiary founded in 2001 by Larry Kestelman. Prior to its $203.9 million acquisition in 2013, the company provided services such as mobile broadband, car insurance, gas, and electricity. Dodo’s website, new.dodo.com, now lists its services as internet (ADSL broadband, NBN, mobile broadband), mobile (monthly mobile plans, prepaid mobile plans, mobile broadband), home phone (NBN fibre home phone, voIP), TV (Dodo Fetch TV), power, and insurance (car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and claims). In case of a gas emergency, Dodo recommends to try to extinguish the flames and to turn off gas at the gas meter.

In 2013 Dodo join to M2 Telecommunications being part of one of the largest group in the world. Dodo´s portfolio has several services, internet, tv, mobile, power and gas, insurance, etc. Dodo is an Australian company which provides Internet services across Australia. Dodo was founded in 2001 by Larry Kestelman and current owner is M2 Group (bought dodo shares in 2013)

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Hi just trying to find out when my home phone and Internet is going to be put back on as I moved home on Saturday 17th September
I would like a phone number I can call dodo on!!
I need to know my username and password Please call me on 08 84104788
How can i chatt online
I was trying get new 2 mobiles phone I been unsusseful for that but u took $120 out my account I rang them out they wanted proof u took the money out I did try send a email it failed so reply to one of ur email in the 100% I'd one just checking did u get the email from me.. If I'm not getting the phones I'm I getting my money back
Trying to set up my internet 3 green lights but can't connect by phone contact 049 7706108
I'd like to cancel my Telephone service with you, Account Number: 817--. I've tried many times to ring you but was unsuccessful every time. Please have a Customer Service Rep. call me on: 02-46842140 as soon as possible. Thank You.
Extra data on my phone
I have rung a few times always wrong day, I would like a usage update plz
I would like to now,Why is it that i am getting changed for not using your services.? When I left Dodo 2 years ago.( Ps. I want the money back you own me, $32.40. Date: 25/10/16 last month. Ps. You took out last month as wall the same day.... MH. 0434 284 916..
Dear Sir or Madam, I am very disappointed receiving fro you on my mobile phone +61 45071 9500, y t you disconnect t me if I did not pay stupid $ 17.90 I have been your customer for over 5 years, having many services from your company, over this time I paid over $4.ooo,oo I assumed, that your sms was impolite, I do expect apologies from you or just switch to other company Kind regards, Wojcieh von Nogaj
Is my sim card active yet?? 0414 905 247
My address 59/4 Wilkins street Mawson ACT 2607 home internet is not working 3 days please come to fix tks
Just wondering how much longer I have to wait for home phone etc to work, a text suggested immediately, then told 48 hours, now it is 72 hours but still nothing!
The dodo 'thing' I plug into my computer doesn't work anymore, so I wish to cancel the account 7288752
Hi dodo my sim card is blocked and i cannot use my device, please help