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Phone number

DHL Australia Contact Center

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If you are looking for DHL customer service you can contact them at 13 14 06. This is the number that you want to call for a lost package, shipping questions, general inquiries, and location information. If you have another question, the DHL team will direct you to the appropriate department. You can also call this number for DHL express.

DHL domestic transport freight queries can be reached at 1300 362 194.

For those looking for DHL supply chain warehouse, you can use the contact number 1300 725 468. If you call this number for other reasons they will be able to transfer you to the appropriate department.

Those that want to submit a query and can wait for a response can feel free to use the contact form on the contact page of DHL (http://www.dhl.com.au/en/logistics/warehousing_and_distribution/contact_us.html). There is also a contact center here http://www.dhl.com.au/en/contact_center.html

If you are a business customer you can access DHL Australia customer service for business customers at 1800 688 280. This number is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5pm. If you want to schedule a business pickup you can also call this number.

If you want to get a DHL business customer quote you can do so by calling the customer service number 1800 688 280 or online using the form, make sure to fill out all parts of the form in order to get the most accurate quote.

Want to forward a parcel? You can do that using the phone number 13 14 06.

DHL has a wonderful customer service team and if you call the wrong number they will be able to get you over to the appropriate department without any issues. On their front page you can find important information such as delays or new shipping policies/procedures.



The company can be reached at the DHL Australia helpline. On the company’s official website, there are several forms that can be filled out per each specific need. DHL also is always looking for job-seekers who may be interested in a career in international shipment or an internship. Whether you are in search of an occupation or a company that can guarantee fast and dependable international shipping services, DHL is the company to meet all your needs.

If you need to check with is your order status, call to DHL helpline and ask form information about DHL shipping services



DHL Express is an international shipping company that deals in express mail. It is the largest logistics company in the world, and the company can be found in over 200 countries worldwide. Its headquarters is stationed in Bonn, Germany.

A branch of its parent company, Deutsche Post DHL, DHL prides itself on delivering fast, friendly, and reliable customer service. DHL’s services go beyond international shipping. DHL also caters to companies, offering brokerage services that can fit each company’s individual and unique needs.

DHL Australia promise freight security, and the safe, secure, and protected passage of assets. DHL also provides two insurance policies that can be customized to suit each person’s demand. The policies apply to the shipment of both air and ocean cargo. They also offer insurance coverage of road freights, not limited by the usual constraints most insurance companies. DHL knows that many companies have different needs, and are prepared to face the challenges of every request

Datos empresa
Hi, i need to send some documents from Sydney to Melbourne in less than 24 hours, which is the cost? Does DHL has office in Sydney?