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THE DAILY TELEGRAPH Contact Customer Service

Daily Telegraph Sydney is a newspaper tabloid that is owned by News corp Australia and it was founded in the year 1879, so it has been in existence for quite a while and it is still making waves. The headquarters is located in New South Wales, Australia and it distributes over 280,000 copies on weekdays alone and slightly lesser on Saturdays. It is one of the major newspapers in Australia and it has not been without its controversies. There has been stories covered by the newspaper which the public has viewed with disdain and distrust and this has made it one of the least popular newspaper in Australia despite the amount of distribution and people it reaches. Politically, daily telegraph Sydney was not neutral as it was a supporter of a particular party in Australia and it never failed to shove itself in the faces of opposition parties. This further contributed to its controversy and has never been perceived well in the public eye. Since it’s newspaper and there is no sales of products or any particular service, there is not a specific customer service station to provide customer service since there is no need for it but there is a contact Daily Telegraph option on their website with a corresponding phone number to that effect.

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I am attempting to obtain Anzac Coins and book for my collection for my Grandchildren. I live in the Hills area and have attended a number of newsagents to no avail. It would appear that no newsagents have the coins or the subject book. Are you able to assist me in pointing me in the direction of a newsagent that has book and coins. My e.mail is toliver_469@msn.com
I am a private investigator with years of investigation on Michael Asaad, you have provided recent news releases on this subject, I wish to speak with the reporters covering the USA con man, my number 910- 477- 2198 office- 910- 745- 8529, I would appreciate you placing me in touch with your reporters, have additional important information to share. regards Bill Hagler