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Contact with Conga Foods by phone

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Conga food is a company focused in the grocery industry. The company was founded in 1925.

Most of the time you are so busy that it is hard for you to go outside for the grocery shopping. This is the reason that Conga Foods Australia is the best grocery wholesaler that will provide you with every food item that you want. The best thing is that they have a variety of the brands and you can find all kinds of food products. Even organic and vegan food items are available as well. 

Conga Foods Customer care

In case that you are dealing with some kind of issues or you want to know more about the services or the products make sure that you contact the customer support team of Conga Foods Australia. They have specially trained their team to make sure that you will get the help that you require. 

You can call the customer service team of Conga Foods Australia at 03 9487 9500 and get the solutions to all your issues. In case that their line is busy or you do not get the satisfactory response you can send them a fax at 03 9487 9585.

To more about the services and products of Conga Foods Australia you can visit their contact us page at http://www.congafoods.com.au/contact-us/. You will get all the services that you require.

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Purchased a box of your Sausage Biscuits recently and some of the bags were not sealed thank you for your time