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Commbank Contacts

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One of the main customer commitment of Commonwealth bank is to offers a good customer service to their clients. To be one of the biggest bank of Australia means to offer an assistance high level.

Commbank Bank Australia or people who are interested in getting to know about the services offered by Commbank Bank Australia can think of reaching out to a customer support representative through the general hotline. On the other hand, Commbank Bank Australia has different customer support numbers for few of the specialized services that they offer. They include reporting debit or credit card issues, opening youth saver accounts, registering with Netbank and obtaining current interest rates. If the people are not aware of these special Commbank contact numbers, they can simply contact the general hotline and the calls will be transferred. Or else, they will be able to refer up the official website of Commbank Bank Australia as it has got all the information that they would need including Commbank phone numbers.

Lost or stolen telephone number

If you have a debit or credit card and you lost it, please call immediately to Commbank phone number and report it so that staff team can block you credit card and avoid unauthorized charges. A calling can save you money so don´t hesitate to contact Commonwealth bank for these matters

Sales queries Commbank contact number

If you are an existing customer and wish to arrange new products of Commbank, you can reach sales Commbank helpline to receive all information you need to take a choice. Also in the Commonwealth bank site you will find out a lot of information about new products



Customer Disability Support

For those people who have a disability, the bank offers a customer support with the same quality level than rest of their customers. Commonwealth bank offers a special phone number, also known as National Relay Service, for customer with hearing problems

Customers with a low vision ca request to Commbank a Voice Token to access to the company services. Call Commbank and request the voice token which is provided completely free



For those cases in which you need to know a branch location, a Commbank contact telephone number, opening hours, Netbank queries you can call Commbank customer service and a representative will inform you about all your doubts

Commonwealth Bank Customer assistance phone (automated) is an easy way to get the info for yourself. There are many transaction or queries which can be manage by ourselves, like to know which is your balance account, Card activation, account transactions history, etc….you just have to follow helpline automated service instructions.



Commonwealth Bank Telephone Banking is a service to operate with your account calling to a telephone Commbank contact number

Commbank phone numbers are also listed, including for general inquiries (available 24/7), stolen cards (available 24/7), awards, financial issues, estate settlement, Colonial First State, and a phone number for those with hearing impairments. Lastly, Commonwealth Bank offers an option for customers to leave their feedback online.

Commbank contact us option can be utilized through CBA number that is available on their website and that provides their clients with satisfactory customer service.

A variety of banking and finance related services are being offered by Commbank Bank Australia and people who have questions related to them can think of contacting the bank at any given time of the day. The general Commbank customer support hotline is available throughout 24 hours of the day for 7 days a week. People who have basic concerns related to the financial accounts should call Commbank helpline



Commbank, short for Commonwealth Bank of Australia, and sometimes abbreviated as CBA, is an Australian banking and financial services company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1911 as a government bank and again in 1991 as a public company, Commonwealth Bank now serves a worldwide area. With David J Turner as chairman, Ian Narev as CEO and managing director, and over 45,948 employees since 2015, the public company has made over $23.668 billion in revenue since 2015. Interesting trivia about Commonwealth Bank includes the fact that the bank is impressively the largest banking services provider in the southern hemisphere.

Commonwealth Bank’s website hosts an impressively detailed customer service page on their website, www.commbank.com.au, which includes a FAQ page for popular topics and support options across various bank services and platforms such as everyday banking, savings, NetBank, cards, international and travel, loans, mobile, business banking, insurance, merchant services, and retirement.

CBA Australia is a multinational bank that was founded some 104 years ago and it started out as a government owned bank before turning public 50 years later. CBA stands for Commbank bank of Australia with its latest headquarters located in Sydney, the capital city of Australia after the headquarters had previously been in two different places. The bank has more than 1,000 branches worldwide as well as over 4,000 ATM outlets.

CBA offers different financial services like insurance, retail, business and institutional banking as well as investment and broking services. The company has really grown over the years and as of the year 2015, it was the largest Australian company to be listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. It has international presence in New Zealand, Japan, the United States, India, China and Indonesia.

As of 2016, CBA had recorded a revenue of over 24 billion Australian dollars with a profit of about 9 billion Australian dollars while the company itself is worth over 900 billion Australian dollars. CBA has over 45,000 employees and try as much as possible to provide optimum service to their clients.

Also known as CBA, offers different financial services to customers like, insurance, investment, business and personal banking, etc….

CBA has presence in different countries: UK, New Zealand, Asia, and USA and is one of the largest bank in Australia

The Commbank Bank of Australia is a company specializing in banking and financial services. Founded in 1911 as a government bank and reborn in 1991 as a public company, Commbank raked in $9.063 billion of profit in 2015. Commbank’s current CEO is Ian Narev, who acts as managing director and chief executive officer. Narev is also part of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation, acting as an ambassador. Narev receives a salary of 7,900,000 AUD. Commbank has various divisions, such as Retail Banking Services and Wealth Management, and several different subsidiaries including Bankwest and Sovereign Limited. Commbank is available for contact from many different phone numbers.

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