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COLETTE HAYMAN Contact Customer Service

Colette Hayman is one of Australia’s hottest fashion retail chains serving Australia and the New Zealand markets. The business is inspired by international fashion brands to serve the Australian and New Zealand markets with contemporary fashion and accessories to celebrate women with best available fashion wares in the world. Colette Hayman Australia was founded in 2010 in Sydney by Colette Hayman to exhibits her vast knowledge of fashion and her creativity in making trendy fashion statements without stress to the pocket. Her goal is to make a woman live her fashion life in vogue fashion and accessories and still be able to cope with other things of life. Colette Hayman Australia operates both online and brick and mortar fashion stores to give her customers convenient buying choices wherever they may be. Colette Hayman stores provide an exciting environment to visit and get a view of trendy fashion and see what to pick up for the next occasion. Colette Hayman is based in Sydney, Australia; it has over 134 retailing stores globally. Among other markets it serves outside Australia and New Zealand are the UAE, South Africa, and Singapore. The company plans on expanding its coverage to other markets such as the UK, Canada, the US, Europe and Central Asia in the coming years. Colette Hayman is a must visit for women wanting to make her fashion statement can contact the customer service on their phone number.

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