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COATS AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Coats is the world's greatest producer and distributor of sewing thread and materials. Coats is the world's leading professional thread business, and the next greatest distributor of zips to global brands. Coats Industrial Section provides thread, yarn, trims and zips for professional customers in apparel, shoes or boots and sewn product marketplaces.
Their Industrial business is larger than its nearest competitor in professional thread significantly, and Their Crafts business is the main player in the Americas textile crafts market and has functions in the United Kingdom. They've an unrivalled usage of global customers and marketplaces, and are named the market innovator across many regions of operation. Coats has an extended traditions and has been providing customers and participating in a component in areas. Their strong relationships with business consumers and partners, in conjunction with the deep expertise in Their people, build certainty and trust.
They are a company with a global occurrence truly. Explore the interactive map to see where Their manufacturing sites can be found. Getting the right mindset, functions and disciplined functions as well as investment to innovate and create products that meet up with the needs of the customers. Contact us for more queries.

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