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CITY RAIL CENTRAL STATION Contact Customer Service

City Rail Centrail Station is located in Australia. Trains provide amazing memories and it is even better when you catch you train on time! Getting where you need to go in and around Sydney has never been easier with City Station’s online website.
Here you will be able to book tickets to your next destination and check the service report for each train service. This website helps the local train traveller as well as visitors calculate their fees, plan their entire trip and give them information regarding special train access.
City Rail Central Station is a fully comprehensive service that allows you to explore the train services before you take the leap onto the platform. You will be able to receive direct correspondence from Sydney’s premiere train service and you can have an easy look at all the updated timetables. Exploring Australia is just a step away for you, your friends, and your family.
To contact City Rail Central Station, you can phone their 24-hour service information or general enquiries hotline on 131-500. You can also submit any complaints, queries, or compliments via their online channels on their website and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

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