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Chrysler, which is also known as Fiat Chrysler or FCA US LLC is an Italian controlled and American subsidiary automobile manufacturer. The company is registered in Netherlands and the headquarters are located in London because of tax purposes. Chrysler is popular for selling vehicles worldwide under their Chrysler flagship brand. In addition, Chrysler manufactures vehicles that belong to many other brands including Jeep, Dodge and Ram Trucks. Mopar is another key division of Chrysler, which sells automotive accessories and parts for the worldwide market.

Chrysler Corporation was started back in 1925 by Maxwell Motor Company. A couple of years later, the company was able to experience a significant growth after acquiring the Dodge Brothers Company and Fargo truck company. After the acquisition, Chrysler started selling vehicles under their own brands. In fact, Mr. Chrysler, who was the founder of this corporation wanted to create a brand hierarchy based on the influence he got while working for General Motors. 2014 was a special year for Chrysler because Fiat agreed to purchase it from the retiree health trust of United Auto Workers. Even though this changed the name of the corporation, they still maintain the same level of Chrysler customer service and product quality.

The Chrysler company was already very well established when they decided to expand their operations to Australia in 1961. As the Chrysler business model changed, so did their name, which was eventually changed to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in the domestic market. As the name suggests, the company built a number of different brands, including Jeep, Dodge, Alfa Romeo, and more, with all of those brands falling under the FCA umbrella.

The main corporate office of FCA is located in London, England, but they also maintain offices in other parts of the world, including Australia, which makes it easier for consumers to contact customer service locally.

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