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Centrelink Contact number general inquiries

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Centrelink phone number general enquiries put you through with the proper Department you want to speak with, also calling the number you with Centrelink customer support so that you can get any information you need.

If you wish to contact with Centrelink, use Centrelink disability phone number to get support for any queries to could have.

Centrelink Master Program is an Australian government program managed by the Department of Human Services to deliver a range of services including payment and services for retirees, families, unemployed, parents people living with disabilities, Indigenous Australians, and people from diverse cultural and linguistic. Thanks to the services Centrelink offers, many australian people receive an accurate care and help.

For callers wanting to make an enquiry, Centrelink provides that you call according to whether you are calling locally or internationally and according to the purpose of calling to pick the right number to call as describe earlier.

Apart from using Centrelink reporting phone number to make an enquiry, Centrelink Australia also provides contact facility on its website to attend to your inquiries. You can use the email service to communicate with them and leave your email address to get their reply to your inquiry.




The government has to make sure that they take proper care of the public. This is the reason that government of Australia has introduced the special Centrelink Australia human service center. Here you will get a chance to come in contact with the professionals that will provide you the best consultation services regarding your issues. It will provide you with the perfect medical and child support services.

In case that you are facing issues with your services, you can contact Centrelink customer service phone number.

Centrelink Customer services: centrelink Australia has the following methods that you can use to get in contact with the Centrelink customer care, the main and most effective is Center Link phone number which is available from Monday to Friday

Centrelink Social media: you can connect with Centrelink Australia on social media platforms like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube channel
  • Google+
  • Online forum

Centrelink Mail: you can write your issues to the customer services and send the mail at Centrelink Reply Paid 7800 Canberra BC ACT 2610.

Centrelink Contact number: you can contact staff team at Centrelink helpline, available 24 a day

Make sure that you contact the support team of Centrelink Australia as soon as possible. They will make sure to provide you with the help that you require.



Using Centrelink contact us facility is accessible, go to its website and locate the “contact us” page. Look for the title that meets the purpose of reaching them. Click on any topic that fits your reason, and you will be directed to another page where you can leave your message and wait for the reply.

Due to the numerous functions as well as the nature of such functions performed by Centrelink Australia, they are always dealing with individuals, attending to complaints and giving tips and information. There are several ways of contacting Centrelink customer service for your enquiries, find below the main contact numbers:

  • If you need to call centrelink family assistance contact number: 136 150
  • The centrelink reporting line phone number is 131 272
  • Keep in mind centrelink crisis payment phone number is 132 468
  • Centrelink debt recovery phone number is 1800 777 653
  • Centrelink disability pension phone number is 132 300
  • centrelink phone number aged pension is 125 111
  • centrelink health care card phone number 1300 361 457
  • centrelink urgent payment phone number 133 276

You can also fax Centrelink Australia through 1300 786 102. You can write Centrelink Australia international services through: International Services PO BOX 7809, Canberra BC ACT 2610

You can equally send Centrelink Australia an online message for help with your online account, general enquiries or to give feedback. This could be the easiest way of interacting with Centrelink Australia. Although it is advised not to include personal information as their safety is not guaranteed.

There is the “managing things myself” section on Centrelink Australia website since most of their activities are done online. This allows you to complete your transactions when and where it suits you. It is more like a self-service thing. With it, you can manage things online, on your mobile device, on the phone or use the centrelink self service phone number to connect with Help Centre.



Disability Support Pension, contact Centrelink dsp phone number for the financial services the agency provides to some people.

Customers can call Centrelink Australia on the contact numbers given to address different reasons for calling. It provides separate lines according to the purpose of reaching them. Different call centers are equipped differently for the following matters: Indigenous Australians callers are to call Centrelink Indigenous call center number or callers for Repayment of a Centrelink debt are to call centre link phone number. While the intent to claim, callers are to call any of the Centrelink families phone number.



You can call Centrelink on their telephone numbers depending on the kind of information you want and the category of complaint you want to lay. It is recommended you make such calls on regular business days. To contact Centrelink Australia from overseas, you can call any of their international numbers displayed on their "phone us" page. Although calling these numbers attract international call charges. For calling Centrelink from abroad the number is +613 6222 3455. If you intend to provide feedback, suggestions or make a complaint, the number to call is 1800 132 468, can only be reached from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5th.



Centrelink is an Australian institution that, on behalf of Australian government, offer some services related to job seekers, older australians, people with disability, visa holders and much more. Centrelink is also known as Centrelink Master Program and it was created around 1997.

Centrelink was founded in 1997 as a government agency in charge of Social security matters. Some years later assumed the tasks related to human services also.

Centrelink has many focus, find below some of them (you can get information about below matters calling to Centrelink phone numbers)
3.Separed parents
4.People with disability
5.Indigenous Australians
6.Older Australians
7.Refugees, visitors

Centrelink program was formerly an agency of the Department of Social Security; the name was changed to Centrelink after the enactment of the Commonwealth Services Deliver Agency Act 1997.

The program has offices across Australia to manage the services and make it accessible to the people who the program is meant to serve, also people can call centerlink phone number.
Centrelink and Medicare Australia became part of Department of Human Services following Human Services Act of 2011, but Centrelink was able to retain its name and continue its mandate to provide payment services to people needing government support in major change times.

Centrelink is a master’s program if the Australian government. Centrelink Australia functions include delivering a range of government payments and services for retirees, the unemployed, families, careers, parents, people with disabilities, Indigenous Australians, and people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and provides services at times of major change. Centrelink Australia is managed under the authority of the Department of Human Services (DHS). Centrelink Australia was formed about a decade ago in 1997.

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I am from Mid Eyre Medical in Kimba and a patient has requested his medical certificate be faxed. Several phone calls on hold later, I am no closer to getting that fax number! Can you please advise this fax number return email.
I wish to make an appointment at the Robina Office to discuss the aged pension. I want to talk with someone about it so that I understand what is available to me on retirement. Thank you. I can be contacted on 3176 1519 or by mobile on 0418 254 375 Work Email: Charlie.shore@dcs.qld.gov.au Home Email: cfshore@Hotmail.com
Dear Sir My wife and I are on a full aged pension, can we sell our family home (value approx. $230,000) and use the money from the sale to purchase a mobile home instead without effecting our pension. Kind Regards Ian & Ivy Henshaw
I am on the aged pension. I did not get my pension payment today.
I am stranded in the Philippines and have for months tried to get in contact with Centrelink's Traralgon branch in Gippsland Victoria where after many visits in 2014 I got my old age pension. The two phone numbers Tel: (03) 5177 2500, +639474462129 I have called multiple times but they were invariably "unavailabe" or "busy". On two consecutive week days I tried more that 40 times. My email: macacht@protonmail.com I was born in Antwerp Belgium 21st May, 1930 and naturalised in Mossman Nth. Qld. 1960 I am in the Philippines to obtain an Australian entry permit for my Filipino wife. Can you help please? Sincerely Kind regards Raymond Douw I have a CP but as I'm bed-ridden and not well I seldom answer calls, never from unknown. SMS is OK.
Would like to speak to someone about payments
Ref 4049626475B I'm trying to report no income for the past 2 weeks. I am in hospital in Rockhampton. The self service line tells me it can't verify me and hangs up. Please contact me on 0437456100 as this is getting very frustrating Thank you Diana
I am trying to talk to someone regarding my payments since reporting my separation I am not getting correct payments I keep getting asked for my access number, which I do not remember as my seperated wife had all these details Can somebody from department contact me by email as I will be out of Australia from 8 December intend to live i n Saigon i will be staying at Blue River2 Hotel while my new girlfriend and I look for apartment . I will return to Australia on March 4 to sign papers etc then I get another Visa for a further 3 months .I will have to leave Saigon to another Country to get a new 3 month Visa . I will have to continue like this until my divorce come through and then I can Marry my girl friend . My email is terry_keefe2005@yahoo.com I do not have a phone number at this stage but will supply one as soon as I settle down I Saigon Regards Terence C Keefe
could somebody please contact me concerning a recent separation and no income.My number is 0428723895.
I need to talk about my centrelink payments, i have not received my money
good morning how can i contact centrelink to speak about my pension? i´m 72 and something is wrong with my data. Kind Regards
I need the DSP claims Fax number please
Do i have any compensation in my separation? i want to claim it but i don´t know where
Can someone please contact me from the Margate Centrelink office. I have contacted 132468 voice contact and gives me a kippa ring Centreline contact which does not exist anymore. I have been told by disability services to contact Centrelink at Margate and directory services are unable to help me. I am extremely ill unable to get out of bed.... PLEASE HELP ME!!!! All this has been extremely exhausting, time consuming and no one is listening. A simple contact Number for Margate Centrelink office would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP!!!
Need urgent assistance & advise unable to contact and/or talk to someone . Please Please contact me on 0401066034