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How to contact Catch of the Day?

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CatchOfTheDay Australia has become a popular site among people who are looking forward to get their hands on daily deals. It has been able to maintain a solid reputation throughout the past because of the excellent customer service that is provided to the customers

 Customers who have questions related to the services offered by Catch of the Day are strongly encouraged to go through the FAQ page. If they cannot find answers to questions that they have through the FAQ page, they can think about contacting one of the customer support representatives through Contact Us option in the website. Through the CatchOfTheDay Contact Us option, customers will be able to get their questions clarified instantly by following the instructions. If customers want to get in touch with a CatchOfTheDay customer support agent, they can use the Live Chat feature that can be found in the official website.

The Live Chat offers instant replies to the customers during working hours of the day. Or else, customers can think about getting in touch with Catch Of The Day through the customer service contact number. On the other hand, customers can also think about sending emails to Catch Of The Day to get the questions clarified.



Catch of the Day is Australia's no.1 online division store. Among Australia's leading ecommerce organizations, with a history of development that has seen Catch of the Day two key brands become home names within the last 10 years. Driven and competitive, Catch of the Day offer Catch of the Day customers with a progressive shopping experience every day because they build fulfilling associations with suppliers, creating a global top notch IT system and buying Catch of the Day sour string, Catch of the Day deliver results in a competitive marketplace consistently. Catch of the Day ability to recognize opportunities and convert great ideas into certainty saw takeaway placing your order site. All market leaders in their places, and here you have a genuine Australian eCommerce leading company.

CatchoftheDay live happy to provide chemical substance crazy and free products. Catch of the Day bring a few of the most important gems from the East coast to west coast to your neighborhood markets. Catch of the Day fresh fish is flown in frequently to guarantee the finest quality and freshness open to Catch of the Day valued customers. So if any inquiries are got by you please feel absolve to make contact to Catch of the Day helpline.



Catch of the Day Australia website contains information on general & technical information, customer account, Product and Delivery, Club catch and return. The available information towards resolving customers’ queries are many and you need to take the time to look through the website for appropriate information carefully. Also, Catch of the Day Australia provides a Live Chat facility to chat with the customer service.

To use the chat resource, a customer needs to provide his/her name, email and select how Catch of the Day Australia customer service may be of help and leave a detailed message in the space provided for it. 

There is also the “Submit a request” option here, for customers to open a ticket to be attended to by Catch of the Day Australia customer service. In using this service, there is need to choose the issue of your request and also choose what you want the customer service to help you with today. After both selections, you will need to enter your contact details in the next information window and provide more information to process your request. Click the “Submit” button when you are done with completing the request information to send your request and wait for resolution.

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I bought a watch last december and it stopped not long after. I was told to go to a store and have the battery changed and if that was not the problem to contact again. I have now had 4 different batteries so its clearly a fault with the watch. I have troed emailing and contacting but I haven't had a response. Can you please advise what to do next. Kind Regards, Tanya