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CALORIE KING AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Calorie King is a privately owned health and fitness awareness services provider founded in 1973, It operates as an online weight loss club and software developer whose activities centered on providing information and programs on how to eat healthily and maintain healthy living through food and exercise.
Calorie King was founded by Allan Borushek in Australia in 1973 as family health publications, Its book on Calorie, Fat & Carb Counter was published in 1988 in the US and sold 10 million copies, Its alliance with Joslin Diabetes Center for promoting type 2 diabetes awareness, prevention, and management and build Latino culturally specific food database was formed in July 2007
Calorie King Australia manages a community-based weight control program called the Calorie King Programme and ControlMyWeightTM calorie counter to help subscribers manage their calorie intake and meet their weight control plan
Calorie King philosophy for a permanent lifelong weight control change has three main points:
Provide relevant and accurate information,
Create easy to use tools to apply the information,
Education users on best ways to use the tool
It makes weight loss information available to all that care to have it There are easy to follow programs to help the individuals manage their weight and strive to keep the gain permanent. The company is headquartered in Nedlands WA. Get the Calorie King phone number today and contact their customer service for more information

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