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CAFG AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

CAFG Australia is an expert in Commercial Property Finance which is one of Australia's most significant structured rent originators. Through three years of change and problem, CAFG Australia has conducted its business with integrity and advancement always.
CAFG Australia has financed business equipment for all those companies and occupations. Ranging in proportions from the thousand to the tens of millions our transactions are tailored to meet up with the needs of the customers.
CAFG Australia is focused on providing customers with a thorough and professional service. Our working processes ensure that all customers have ready usage of the same account executive from concept to completion of the facility. CAFG Australia gives you a complete product service for technology or equipment leasing, with executive gain access to foremost. CAFG Australia offer flexible conditions and expert help in areas that effect on your important thing. If you contact CAFG customer service you will get more things for your beneficial.
CAFG Australia is a versatile financier, which satisfies market opportunities as they arise. CAFG Australia knows that solar ability has turned into a mainstream energy resource in Australia already. In the vast country with optimal solar irradiation such as ours, an extremely decentralized electricity grid through the generation of on-site solar powered energy has immediate advantages over long distance energy distribution through poles and wires.

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