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CADBURY AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Cadbury Australia established in 1992 as a member of Cadbury worldwide by J.S. Fry and later joined by Pascall. The company is a prominent member of Cadbury international from the beginning of the global company’s history for its market position. Cadbury International started in Birmingham, United Kingdom in 1824 by John Cadbury; it operates in more than 50 countries including Australia. The company manufactures and famous for its Dairy Milk, Crème egg and Roses and chocolate. Cadbury became a member of Kraft Foods in 2010 and became a subsidiary of Mondelez International. Cadbury Australia markets a range of Cadbury line of confectionery products in Australia and New Zealand and continues the tradition of excellent healthy food production, distribution, and sales in Australia and New Zealand. Some of its products are Blocks of Chocolate, Old Gold Blocks, Chocolate Bars, Pre-teens Confectionery, Bitesize, Cadbury Lollies, Drinking Chocolate, Baking, Kosher, Products, Nut Free Products, Be treatwise, Bubbly Range, Cadbury Coco, Boxed Chocolates, Pascall Confectionery, Sharepacks, Biscuits, Halal Products. Cadbury Australia can also be located as Mondelez Australia Pty Ltd. The office is located at MELBOURNE VIC. The company employs approximately 2300 workers in Australia. You can contact Cadbury customer service team or call the office phone number for more information.

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I recently discovered Cadbury is a user of GMO's. I have some Cadbury Baking Chips at home and need to know if any of the ingredients are derived from Genetically Modified crops.