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ACT Contact Customer representative now

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ACT Contact now with Customer Service

ACT fibreglass supplies is an Australian company that is mainly into the supply of fibreglass materials and other related products like stainless steel fastenings, marine accessories and EPIGLASS just to mention a few. There is thus the need to put in place a customer service in order to attend to the issues or enquiries that customers might have. The helpline number for the customer service of ACT fibreglass supplies is (02) 6280 6484 and it is available from Tuesdays to Fridays every week during the hours of 9.30am to 5pm.

ACT helpline number gives customers access to customer service representatives of ACT fibreglass supplies and allows customers to be attended to on any issue they might be having. With the customer service helpline, customers can call from anywhere about the products and services of ACT fibreglass supplies and obtain the necessary information that they require. This allows the company to maintain the standard and quality of their product.

However, the phone number is the only way to contact ACT fibreglass supplies as there are no alternative means by which to contact them meaning they can only be reached in the stipulated hours that the phone number is available for.

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