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Buy.com, now known as Buy.com.com, is an online market established in 1997. With over fifty million products and a low price guarantee, it’s no wonder Buy.com is ranked as one of the best e-commerce companies globally. Since merging with Buy.com, a Japanese company, in 2010, Buy.com is now a bigger marketplace than ever. Not only is Buy.com a place for shoppers, but it is also a place for merchants, as well.

Part of Buy.com’s vision as a company is to create an entirely different type of buying experience for its customers. Instead of handling their transactions with a featureless company on the other end of the screen, they strive to personalize the experience by encouraging marketers to sell their wares on their website, giving them the freedom and creativity to handle their sales, prices, and customer service in their own way. Buy.com offers a variety of products, including electronics, apparel, and household items to name only a few of the categories featured on their website. Buy.com also rewards its shoppers with Buy.com Super Points, a system that offers customer discounts and can be used just like cash to make purchases on the website.

Buy.com’s headquarters can be found in Aliso Viejo, California, and they can be reached at Buy.com phone number. Buy.com prides itself on treating its customers with kindness and consideration and has made a name for itself in the commerce world as one of the most reliable and diverse online marketplaces.

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