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First and foremost, Brookfield Rail Infrastructure is one of the most highly popularized railway systems globally. Moreover, it solely deals with infrastructure management and access provision.
Substantially, Brookfield rails are under license number EC011101 with the Electrical Licensing Board in Western Australia.
In 2000, Brookfield Rail was labelled a private business by the state government, and later on awarded with an exclusive long-term lease so as to be able to run its freight rail network. Also, this railways system operates in Eastern Australia, overseas markets, and the six government-owned ports.
Aging back 15 years ago, Brookfield Rail has entrusted over $2 billion to the freight network and its related infrastructures, thus evolving the network and coming up with valid and reliable transport system improving Australia’s economy.
Comparatively, between 2011 and 2015 the tonnages amount has doubled to about $75 million.
Brookfield rails believe in promoting safety and reliable services to both their clients and employees, who are the brain behind the work.
1. Providing, maintaining and upgrading signalling.
2. Enables communication for secure networking so as to run efficiently and meet all the safety need.
3. Allows infrastructure tracking.
All in all, Brookfield Rail is a certified electrical contractor. Therefore, rest assured all your needs and expectations would be met. In case of further advice concerning their services, do not hesitate to contact Brookfield Rail for a custom quote.

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