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BRISBANE AIRPORT Contact Customer Service

Brisbane Airport is a public airport that serves the city of Brisbane and South East Queensland in Australia and it is a hub for about six different airlines. It has two different runways for planes to land with a third one under construction and it has more than 220 thousand aircraft movements thus making it the third busiest Australian airport. The airport accommodates about 26 airlines flying to 42 domestic and 28 international destinations. As at 2013 alone, over 20 million people had travelled through the airport thus showing how busy and frequent the airport allows for movement of aircrafts. Brisbane airport has for terminals namely: general aviation terminal, cargo terminal, domestic terminal and international terminal. For transportation of people to the airport and back, Brisbane airport has four car-parks to aid vehicular movement for both commercial and private vehicles and at the same time, there are two railway stations owned by the airport and operated privately. The train stations help to provide means of transportation for people from the airport to their various destinations. To make bookings, there is a contact us option on their website which can be utilized by calling Brisbane Airport phone number and there is also a customer service station in order to provide people with excellent customer service.

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