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BRINDABELLA AIRLINES Contact Customer Service

Brindabella is a regional airline service that is based in Australia. The headquarters is located at the Canberra International Airport. The airline was founded back in 1994 nu Lara Corry. It was initially started as a charter service and later evolved into many other business entities. The founder of Brindabella Airlines owned a separate aircraft maintenance business as well. Both these businesses were merged together back in 2000 in order to provide a better service to the clients. After the merge, they also added a flight training school into the business operations. Few years later, Brindabella Airlines stated scheduled airline services, which has now become the most profitable business entity for them. The flight training school is not operational at the moment and it was closed down in 2010. Brindabella Airlines offers its services to a large number of destinations across Australia including Tamworth, Sydney, Orange, Newcastle, Narrabri, Mudgee, Moree, Cooma, Coffs Harbour, Cobar, Canberra and Brisbane. Brindabella Airlines is also popular for the excellent customer service offered to all the clients. You can contact Brindabella to get more information about the services that are offered by Brindabella Airlines.

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