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Bridgestone call customer support team

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Bridgestone Australia was founded in the year 1980 but the actual Bridgestone Company originated from Japan and was founded some 49 years before the branch was brought to Australia. The company has so far been in existence for 85 years and focuses on manufacture of tires for automobiles with its main headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

There are almost 140,000 people employed as the staff of this company around the world, Australia inclusive showing how large the company is as well as the extent of its reach. Bridgestone is currently the largest world manufacturer of tires with almost 150 production facilities in more than 24 countries. Bridgestone Australia has offices in all the states of Australia with each one having their respective phone numbers for people to make inquiries or bookings. There are also various retail outlets across the country to enable people to have easy access to the company’s products.

Bridgestone Australia was listed on the Australian stock exchange between 1981 and 2007 before finally becoming a solely-owned branch of the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan. Bridgestone Australia understands the need to provide people with adequate service which is why an excellent Bridgestone Australia customer service has been put in place as well as a contact us option which allows people to reach any of the offices close to them through the respective phone numbers.

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