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BOUNCE CANNINGTON Contact Customer Service

Bounce Cannington is commonly referred to as the home of trampolines and it is located in about six different places across the country of Australia and it is a great alternative to going to the park and also giving kids a whole new experience from what they are used to. Bounce cannington contains over 100 trampolines that are interconnected with one another and set up in huge spaces with attractive colors particularly for kids. The concept of Bounce is really growing in Australia because it carries all age groups along both young and old. Everyone can be a part of Bounce world and jump on the trampolines, engage in the exercises and it’s also an opportunity to meet new people. Bounce is organized in such a way that it suits people’s needs as the activities an individual decides to carry out can either be one of rest and relaxation or one of challenge for the mind and the body. The setup has allowed people to have more fun in their life away from the mundane routine that they are used to. In order to keep up with this demand, phone numbers are in place for people to make bookings in order to get involved. At the same time, there is a contact us option on their website which allows Bounce to be able to provide people with excellent customer service.

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