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BORAL Contact Customer Service

Boral, the manufacturer of construction materials has its presence all over the globe. It originally started in Australia and has grown to be one of the construction and building materials manufacturing giants of the world. Few of the major products manufactured by this company are concrete, bricks, blocks, roof tiles and more. This is one company to go to for all constructional needs. It has been over 70 years since the company started and gradually grew to be one of the market leaders in the constructional raw material supplier industry. Boral has its presence in several regions in Asia Pacific, Australia and the USA. All Australian states are served by Boral. Several of the major constructions in Australia turn to Boral for their supply of raw materials. For any type of general inquiries, corporate queries, and more, one could use the Boral website http://www.boral.com.au The phone number to contact the Head office in Australia is above The customer service number for payment related queries is also available The contact page in the Boral Australia website also has the option to submit email queries and to get any other information. On Boral page, all product related inquiries could be made.

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