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Contact numbers of Booktopia Australia

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Booktopia is an Australian online bookseller. Booktopia was voted 'Australia's Favorite Bookshop' in a poll run by the Australian Booksellers Connection. Booktopia has explained that Australian authors and titles is a key focus for the ongoing company. Booktopia is fast becoming the neighborhood bookstore for all those Australians.

Booktopia can be an Australian had and run business. Booktopia have a 13,000 square meter Distribution and Headquarters Centre in Sydney where Booktopia normally stock around 650,000 books prepared to ship. In the country this size, when you can genuinely execute a good job delivering to rural and local Australia then you pretty much have the entire nation covered. The business enterprise began as a aspect job by Tony employed in the evenings and weekends as the family ran their internet marketing consultancy.

The first three years every one of the website and fulfillment were outsourced to some other company and in 2007 the founders made a decision to build their own website and do their own fulfillment. Booktopia also bought an internet camera and optics company called Dirt and grime Cheap Cameras. With regards to compelling explanations why Australians can purchase from Booktopia, Booktopia love linking to the web site ProductReview.com.au where Australians can separately review companies on the functionality, performance and service. So if any inquiries are acquired by you please feel absolve to make contact to their customer support.



The customer support team of Booktopia Australia can be reached through several channels. All these channels offer quick responses for the people However, customers who have concerns related to the services offered by Booktopia Australia are strongly encouraged to go through the FAQ section first. The FAQ section is detailed and it offers a lot of helpful information for the people in need.

Therefore, a customer would be able to find a solution on his own by browsing the FAQ section of the Booktopia Australia. If the solution that customers are looking for is not available in the FAQ section, they can think about contacting the customer support team over the phone. The official phone number is mentioned on the website as well and the team can be reached from every Monday to Friday in between 9am and 5pm.

Booktopia customer support team who offers assistance over the phone is friendly and you will be able to get all the doubts you have in mind clarified. On the other hand, customers can also think about getting in touch with Booktopia Australia through the live chat facility. They just need to log into the live chat portal through account details and submit a message.

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Could you please now send 1 copy to my address (Given below) of "Ghost Empire" by Richard Fidler, which I have already paid for as per Order Number: 4683757. At the time you had run out of stock and so could not supply. I am disappointed that you did not take the initiative to supply this outstanding part of my order without prompting and that I had to look up the title online to find that you now have renewed stocks. If you continue to advertise a title without having first attended to all outstanding and previously paid orders, you erode the trust of your customers and give them cause to shop elsewhere. Shipping Address Amanda Camp 28 Koongarra Ave Magill SA, 5072 Australia Ghost Empire ISBN: 9780733335259 1 $30.75 $30.75