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BOC Contact Customer Service

BOC is a known person in The Linde Group which resources compressed chemicals and bulk gases around the world. The ongoing company develops ground breaking, safe and sustainable solutions for customers in many special sectors, medical environments and heavy industry.
Business's gases and competence have added to improvements in industry and everyday activities including refining, environmental security, health, steelmaking, wastewater treatment, cutting and welding, chemical substance processing, food distribution and processing, glass production and electronics care.
Our core ideals are anchored in the Linde Soul, our corporate school of thought. Our actions are led by a solid commitment to commercial integrity. It's the textile in our moral and honest code, making certain we always take action with credibility and fairness
We could keen inside our perception that safe practices shouldn't be remaining to chance. Safety is BOC's priority. BOC have a wide reach over the South Pacific. And our main contact statistics and Phone numbers for BOC are help for customers.
The Linde Group's eye-sight is usually to be the world's leading global gases and anatomist group respected for our people, who create ground breaking solutions that make a difference to the global world. This vision defines our goals.

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