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BMW AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

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BMW Customer Service helpline

Contact now with BMW Australia in case you want to test one of the model the company i selling in Australia BMW is an automobile company that is just over a century old but has produced quite a number of automobiles.

It originated in Germany and has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Not only does this company produces cars, BMW is also into production of bicycles and motorcycles which has no doubt expanded their customer base around the world. BMW as of two years ago was worth over 180 billion Euros with a yearly profit of over 5 billion Euros thus showing how profitable the company has become as well as its level of growth.

There are over 115,000 people in their employment across different countries in the world. BMW IS quite a popular brand in the world of automobile with quite a number of investors from various people around the world. Since 2005, the number of automobiles BMW produce annually has always surpassed the one million mark showing just how profitable the company is. BMW IS into a number of sponsorship deals in sports and the entertainment industry as long as their brand is promoted.

Not only are they profit-oriented, BMW is also concerned about the environment which is why they are in partnership with the United Nations in order to ensure a clean and safe environment. If you need to place an order for one of their products, you can always contact them using BMW customer service help line.