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BILL EXPRESS Contact Customer Service

Bill Express Australia is a public limited company that managed and developed electronic distribution system for automated ordering, delivery and inventory control for prepaid mobile, landline and internet services in the country of Australia.
Bill Express was founded in 1999 and during its period of operation had 31 employees in its staff. Parts of the services offered by the processing of payments for bills and services, licensing intellectual property, provision of network access and hosting services, as well as operating a prepaid card network. Bill Express also operated a network that helped to promote the products of the company for better visibility and exposure.
Bill Express has run out of business which occurred in the year 2008 due to a number of controversies and they had their headquarters in Victoria, Australia. All the employees were relieved of their jobs as would be expected but their products allowed people to make payment of bills at almost 3,500 outlets.
During their period of operations, they had a phone number by which people can contact them for more information and inquiries. Bill Express Australia also had a contact us option put in place so that adequate Bill Express customer service could be provided for their customers in a bid to increase their customer base.

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