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BASF AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Basf is an Australian company that specialize in manufacturing and distribution of chemicals. They offer a variety of products to the market including chemicals, performance products, plastics, coatings and crop protection products for agriculture. In addition, they offer a variety of products that are being used in mining, manufacturing and construction industries. Basf Australia was established back in 1963 and the headquarters is located in Melbourne. The excellent quality products and customer service offered by Basf Australia helped it to get into the list of Top 2000 companies in the country as well. Most of the company’s income come through the distribution of chemicals.
Some of the products manufactured by this company include personal care items, home care items, hygiene products, pharmaceuticals, food additives and vitamins. In addition, they offer many different types of coating systems targeting commercial transport and automotive industries.
The agricultural products offered by Basf Australia can enhance crop quality. They also manufacture a variety of chemical solutions that can be used for renovation, repair, maintenance and construction of structures. In addition to these products, Basf Australia offers chemical solutions to mining industries in Australia as well as New Zealand. You can contact Basf Australia via the phone number to get more information about Basf.

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