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BARLOWORLD AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Barloworld Australia is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distribution of decorative and architectural paints, finishes and coatings within the country. All the manufactured products are then sold via company-owned stores. They have also partnered with a large number of home improvement retailers, independent dealers and distributors across the country as well. Apart from selling products within Australia, Barloworld exports their products to countries like China and New Zealand. The production facilities of Barloworld Australia are located in Victoria, Waverley and New South Wales.
The company was established back in 1897 and the headquarters is located in Villawood. At the moment, the company is functioning as a subsidiary of PPG Industries in Australia. The paintings that are manufactured by Barloworld Australia are extremely popular among residential as well as commercial industries within the country. The products that are exported by the company have also received much attention.
As a result, the company is looking forward to diversify the products that they export. In addition, they are making plans to capture many other worldwide markets. You can contact us or their customer service via the phone number to get more information related to the company and their products.

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