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AXIS BANK Contact Customer Service

Currently classed as the fourth largest bank located in all of India, Axis Bank Limited is one of the most popular banks in the entire world. Originally founded in 1993, where it was known as UTI bank, Axis Bank has come a long way in just over two decades. With headquarters situated in Mumbai,
Axis generates around US$ 6.2 billion in revenues, with a net income of around US$ 1.2 billion. They provide credit cards, customer service, contact us issues, corporate banking, finance, mortgage loans, investment bank, phone number banking, and much more besides. Shikha Sharma is the managing director and CEO, whilst Sanjiv Misra is the chairman.
Currently the bank has 3120 branches situated across India, and what’s more, Axis bank also features the largest ATM network in the country. There are 8 international offices spaced around the globe, in locations including Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi.

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