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AWB is focused in grain origination business
AWB Australia actually started out as a government owned company some 75 years ago or thereabout serving as a regulatory body for the regulation of wheat production in Australia. However, about 17 years ago, it became privatized after being acquired by a larger company and it became AWB limited. AWB Australia has its headquarters in Melbourne Australia and it is a subsidiary of the company known as Cargill Australia. AWB Australia itself has grown to have different subsidiaries all in a bid to expand their growth and reach.
AWB Australia specialized in marketing of grains particularly wheat; it’s such a viable company that its shares were part of the Australian stock exchange. The company is responsible for the exportation of grains in Australia to about 50 different countries in the world.
AWB Australia also dabbled into finance, insurance, real estate, commodities trading, sales of farming equipment etc. AWB Australia has not been without its own share of financial difficulties with a notable one coming in the year 2010 when a half-year loss of over 64 million dollars was reported with almost 40 million dollars of that loss attributed to settling shareholder debts.
There is a contact us option on their website with customer service also available which can be accessed through their AWB phone number.

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