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Avis Customer Service contact numbers

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Avis is an American car local rental company which head office in New Jersey. Avis, Budget Hire an electric motor car and budget Pickup truck Hire are items of Avis budget Group. Avis is regarded as the industry innovator in making use of new technologies, and it is one of the world's top brands for customer devotion.

Avis Australia make an effort to ensure a stress-free car rentals experience by giving superior services that focus on their customer's specific needs. Avis isn't only Australia's leading car local rental supplier, but all over the global world as well. Avis strives to be always a strong community role and head model. With Avis Australia, you know that your rental car has been serviced and checked out before you utilize it thoroughly. This should offer you satisfaction as you get started your road trip. As being a good corporate resident, Avis wants harder to control the environmental areas of our business, and ensure the accountable use of natural resources.

Avis Australia love reading from satisfied customers who are so pleased with their nice car rentals experience that they send us messages and characters. Avis is acknowledged with high honors from consumers, as well as industry organizations.

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