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AUSTRALIAN AIRLINES Contact Customer Service

Australian Airlines was founded in 2001 as a brand of the Qantas group of companies and then began operations in 2002 functioning for four years before operations were ceased. As expected, Australian Airlines is based in Australia and was an international airline operating mostly between Asia and Australia; it contained five carriers and covered about 13 destinations.
Australian Airlines major base of operations was Cairns international airport while it had a sub-base at the Sydney airport. At first, its destinations were restricted to South-East Asia but as the Airline grew and began to get more customers, expansion was necessary and as such, it began to expand into other parts of Asia. There was adequate Australian Airlines customer service with a particular phone number dedicated for that.
Financially, the Airline did well with profits substantially increasing after the first year of operation until the last year which was when it dropped a little. Cessation of operations was not due to bankruptcy but was in fact as a result of the Parent company i.e. Qantas group trying to be more specific in the brands it was operating and in a bid for further expansion of its ‘tentacles’.
The workers were not sacked but were simply absorbed by the parent company so it was only the brand that was no more in use.

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