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Australia Post Contact Phone Numbers

customer service
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Contacting the Auspost customer service can be considered as the most efficient method available for people to get all their questions related to Australia Post resolved within a short time period. An efficient Auspost customer support is offeredt through their online portal or reaching phone number for Australia Post, in any case, you will receive assistance.

When you log into the online portal, you will be provided with required facilities, which can be used to make an inquiry. This is a comprehensive customer service platform because it can assist you to create, manage and track all your inquiries. Required facilities have been provided for the people to get in touch with the customer support team directly. With the online support platform, customers just need to enter their concern in order to get started.

Clients can also receive assistance calling Auspost phone number, a customer serve representative will attend your call providing support. This service can be used to get assistance related to a variety of services such as mail hold, mail redirection, parcels & mail, post office products and services, travel ID, money and insurance, website and apps or any other general inquiry. It is extremely easy to sign up with this online platform as well.

If you have delays with your order, you can use Australia Post tracking phone number to get information about when it will be delivered and where is it righ now. With this number, the customers of Australia Post will get the opportunity to get all the concerns clarified without going through any hassle.

There is a contact us option on Auspost website in which a helpline is available by which people can find out more information about their services: stamps, packaging, parcels, travel money and more.



Australia Post has a variety of different ways to contact auspost. In order to get ahold of them read below to find the right contact information. We have done the research and found the best Australia Post contact options.

For regular customers contact Australia Post via phone at 13 POST or 13 76 79 for general enquiries. An agent will answer the call and be able to direct you to the right department. This number is the best auspost phone number contact for the Australia Post if you are a residential customer.

In case you are a business credit customer you can contact Australia Post at 13 11 18. This Australia Post phone number is available from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday.

You can also contact Australia Post through their website. Go to the Australia Post homepage at http://auspost.com.au. At the bottom of the page you will see an icon of a man wearing headphones. Click Help & Support next to that. This will bring you to a page with a list of Australia Post contact options.



Besides the frequently asked questions there are other ways to get support.

Australia Post tickets contacts

Creating an enquiry with their website is a great way to create a support ticket that you can track. It also gets responded to quickly. You just need to click Create Enquiry Now and fill out the requested information.

Australia Post contact for complaints

For those who wish to just send a compliment or a complaint to Auspost, they can do it through the same page by clicking the pink light bulb labelled send us a compliment or a complaint.

AusPost Social Media contacts

You can also use Facebook or Twitter to get ahold of them. Click the link on the Australia post support page for their Facebook page. The Twitter handle for the Australia Post is @auspost.

Australia Post head office contact

Using the above options to contact the Australia Post is typically a lot easier then visiting a Australia Post location. But you can also find their locations and hours by clicking Locations & Hours at the top right of the screen. Remember, for general questions, comments, or concerns you can always call the Australia Post via phone at 13 7679 and they will help you find the right option.



Call Australia Post is one of the preferred method of contact for user, based on the fact is quicker than other methods and because it´s usual you get an answer to your quierie in the same call.



Australia Post has been serving its citizens since way back in 1809, with the main company offices now situated in Melbourne. AusPost offers the traditional staple of mail services, but has also introduced many new ones to keep pace with the digital age.

The government owned and operated corporation employs upwards of 33,000 people, and generated over $6 billion in revenues in 2015. Like many other postal services across the world, Australia Post has been operating at a loss for a number of years, which in 2010 caused them to implement an eServices program known as “Future Ready” to address the issue.

The headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia. As of the latest financial reports from the cooperation, a revenue of over 6 billion Australian dollars was recorded with an operating income of 400 million Australian dollars as well as a net income of 36 million Australian dollars.

Australia Post has almost 33,000 people as employees and is committed to providing high quality delivery services to the citizens of the country. So on the average, over 12 million letters are delivered every day to over 11 million people by the cooperation across the country. Australia Post provides services that include logistics, retail, digital services and postal services.

Australia Post is a government owned cooperation that is responsible for the delivery of letters that provides postal services across the whole of Australia and this has been going on for over 200 years. Australia Post has almost 7,000 retail outlets across the metropolitan and remote areas of the country which allows them to get across to a lot of people in the country.

Tracking number - LK410504896AU Tracking information says this has been delivered, but I haven't received anything. Can someone please tell me what carrier it was handed off to once it reached the United States? Thank you.