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Phone number

Austar Main Event phone number

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Austar phone number will allow you to connect to Austar customer service department, so don´t hesitate to use Austar helpline to get in contact with customer service department

In order to get in touch with Austar, they must be contacted through their successor, Foxtel. New customers may contact a sales team. Existing customers may contact Austar phone number to pay bills.

For other inquiries, the customer may call Austar customer service. Online support is also offered at their website, www.foxtel.com.au. Foxtel’s international phone number is also available within the site. People affiliated with media may contact Foxtel through their phone number, 02 9813 6000, or through email at corporateaffiars@foxtel.com.au. Foxtel’s online contact page also has a link for career options.



Austar is an Australian telecommunications company founded in 1994.
Austar headquarters are located in Sydney Gold Coast, Queensland. Austar provides internet services and TV in mode pay per view.

Austar was a company specializing in telecommunications, founded in 1994 as CETV or East Coast Television (ECTV) in Sydney, Australia, with John Porter as its CEO and Mike Fries as chairman. Later acquired by Foxtel in 2012, Austar was officially defunct as of the 24th of May that same year.

Austar’s products include satellite, cable television, and formerly, internet access and mobile phones. Austar’s subscribership of 747,148 in 2010 made it the largest operator in Australia. Subscribers continued to grow in 2011, with a total of 755,374 subscribers, second to Foxtel. 
Austar offered features such as On Demand, Austar AnyWhere, MyStar digital recorder, and Austarnet

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please contact me my account overdue no 9464134 between 9.00 am - 10.00am tomorrow or after 3.00pm mobile 0427 138 870 not happy cannot talk to anyone rang before 47 min wait ( customer service ) thanks james britton
Hi, My mother and I have recently moved from 13 Essex Street Berkeley NSW 2506 to 51 Dunmore Road Dunmore NSW 2529. How do we take our Austar with us? Mobiles are:- 0419028909 Barbara Knight & 0422 311 895 Lorraine Knight
All I want is a phone number to talk to someone direct, to change my credit card details on my account. No matter what number I ring I get a recorded number, follow the prompts, and it will not allow me to change details. I have tried your website, and have the same problem. All I want is to talk to someone directly. I feel like cancelling my subscription. Reply to garvins@people.net.auq
I would like to cancel my Austar account, I note I am being direct debited from credit card. We no longer require this service. It is difficult to get anyone to to talk to.
I need to either email or post documents to you, have you got an address? Ralph@warnbi.org.au
I have a new credit card, can you please contact me. Phone number. 08 85527453
Or contact me, des.and@bigpond.com