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AUSTAL Contact Customer Service

Austal Australia is located in Western Australia, we have been operating our business from 1988, and now we are even stronger than ever. Our vision has always been to come up with high-quality commercial ships for the global market.
Austal is the most recognized shipbuilder with both experiences and expertise in the customization of defense and commercial vessels.
Additionally, our vessels are mainly used both within and outside the USA, the biggest Australasia delivering services worldwide that work with the Australian Border Force and the Royal Navy of Oman which debuted in 2015. Austal offers:
1. Customization and flexibility
2. High quality and technological product and services
3. Diversity and competitive product range
4. Meets the clients' requirements and needs
5. Highly skilled and professional employees
6. On-time delivery
7. Efficient customer service
Rest assured our workers have had a lot of years of personal experience of how to build vessels and relate with different clients; the work environment is safe and cohesive under all conditions at all times.
Austal works as a team and actively support the phrase, ‘our people,' which makes us work together in peace and tranquility.
In case you require any expert advice from our Austal Australia experts, do not hesitate to contact Austal anytime, anywhere.

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