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Audi is an automobile manufacturer that is based in Germany. It designs, manufactures, engineers, produces, promotes and distributes luxury vehicles to all parts of the world. These vehicles are being manufactured in 9 factories that are located worldwide. Audi was founded back in 20th Century.

An engineer named August Horch partnered with two manufacturers named Wanderer and DKW in order to create Auto Union back in 1932. However, Audi Corporation that we see today was started in 1960s. In fact, the Auto Union was purchased by Volkswagen Company. The Audi brand was launched in 1965 along with a brand new collection of vehicles. Audi has maintained a conservative image throughout the past.

Audi Australia has contributed a lot towards the development of four wheel drive technology as well. It was one of the first few companies to manufacture a turbocharged coupe car. At the moment, Audi cars are being sold in every part of the world. The excellent Audi customer service, unmatched quality and safety offered by Audi vehicles have contributed a lot towards their popularity. They are making plans to revolutionize their lineup of vehicles by introducing electric technology in the future.

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