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ANIMAL AID Contact Customer Service

Victorian Animal Aid Trust called Animal Aid for short is a welfare organization for animals serving stray and surrendered animals. The group opens its door to receive all animal types without discriminations whatsoever. Alexander and Stella Grierson founded the group in 1938, and after years of achievement and renaming, the organization was registered as a nonprofit animal charity organization in 2001 under its present name.
Animal Aid operates under the principles of open door shelter to not refuse any animal. It believes all pets deserve a safe and comforting home and get its staff and volunteers to attend to all animals on its guiding principles. It works assiduously to reunite lost pets with their family and promotes loving families for all animals no matter their temperaments.
Animal Aid is committed to uniting people and their pets for a lifetime family relation and does this through various channels including promoting responsible pet ownership and provision of the highest standard of care, advocating the adoption of companion pets and educates people on the need to give more attention to their pets including feeding and healthcare.
Animal Aid runs various services like Vet Clinic providing health checks and consultation, vaccinations and worming, desexing and microchipping and surgery. It also offers grooming salon, boarding for pets, and dog training. Animal Aid maintains multiple offices at Coldstream, Gippsland, and Bairnsdale. You can contact the on their phone number and speak with their customer service.

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