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AMIST Contact Customer Service

AMIST, which is also known as Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust is one of the leading corporations in superannuation and retirement planning. They have catered the requirements of people for the past 25 years. Throughout that time, AMIST Super has been able to maintain an excellent reputation by offering low fee products, which have the potential to generate long term and solid returns. In fact, people who are looking for income protection insurance, permanent disablement cover, total disablement cover and automatic life insurance can think of seeking the assistance of services that are offered by AMIST Super. The best thing about the services offered by AMIST Super is the convenience, In other words, people don’t need to go through the hassle of paperwork, medicals or extra application forms. People who sign up with the services offered by AMIST Super can experience a variety of benefits in the long run. They include health insurance, income protection insurance, insurance covers, and access to seminars and telephone advice from qualified financial planners. AMIST Super also offers an excellent customer service for all the people who get the services. If you want more information about AMIST Super, you can contact us via the mentioned phone number.

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