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Amalgamated Pest Control is Australia largest privately owned environmental health and safety business. Its primary business is in pest control services and equipped with latest pest control technology for efficient pest management services for Australians.
Amalgamated Pest Control was a product of a two family pest control companies in 1923. The company has grown to become Australia’s largest pest management business. The company was officially named Amalgamated Pest Control in 1961 as a result of the amalgamation of its founding families as a single business entity.
The company is a member of notable pest control organizations in Australian Environmental Pest Control Managers Association (AEPMA). The company and its entire branches are PestCert Accredited business able to handle pest control services safely without fear of harm.
Amalgamated Pest Control has branches in different parts of Australia, and they remain committed to their leadership position in Australia Pest Control Industry. They work to enhance the living and working environment aimed at reducing environmental health risks as well as protects their customers’ property investment from pests’ destructive activities.
Amalgamated’s services include pest control and pest management services.
The services aim at residential and domestic homes, commercial, industrial and offices, real estate, hotel, school, hospital and restaurants among so many other human communities. Amalgamated Australia maintains many branches located in QLD, NSW/ACT, Darwin, VIC, Melbourne and international including Fiji and Norfolk Island. Contact its customer service using a branch office’s phone number close to you.

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