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Aldi is a discount supermarket chain serving Europe, the United States, and Australia with a total of 9,600 locations. Founded on June 23, 1913 by Karl and Theo Albrecht, Aldi raked in 53 billion Euros of revenue in 2010.
The brand was split into Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud in 1960 after the brothers had a dispute over whether they should sell cigarettes. Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud now operate independently. Aldi’s initial success may be attributed to the novel idea of subtracting the legal maximum rebate of 3% before sale. They also removed merchandise that sold poorly.
Aldi expanded internationally in 1967 when Aldi Sud acquired Austrian grocery chain Hofer, and in 1973 when Nord opened stores in the Netherlands. Aldi remains massively popular in Australia, replacing discount grocery chain Franklins when it went out of business, allowing the company to maintain a 12.6 percent market share as of 2016. Aldi Sud expanded to the United States in 1976 and bought Bottom Dollar Food in late 2014.
Aldi Sud has also announced interest in 2015 regarding expansion into the Southern Californian market, where Aldi Nord’s Trader Joe’s is based. Aldi specializes in staple items including food, beverages, and other inexpensive household items.

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