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AIRTEL AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

Founded back on the 7th July 1993, Airtel, or Bharti Airtel Ltd, is a telecommunications service, based in India, that operates worldwide, in more than 18 separate countries. The company provides 4G, 3G, GSM, and LTE mobile services to its customers, and it is the largest mobile networking operator located in India, and is actually the third largest of its kind in the entire world. Sunil Bharti Mittal was the founder, and is the chairman and managing director, whereas Gopal Vittal is the CEO.
Airtel currently generates revenues of around US$ 14 billion, with an operating income of around US$ 1 billion. Airtel is renowned for its friendly and responsive customer service, who can easily be reached via the website’s contact us pages.
There are currently around 24,860 individuals employed via Airtel, though these numbers are increasing every single year.

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AIRTEL advised me to surrender my SIM card for a new SIM that uses the 4G network. Please advise me where I can change this SIM card in Melbourne. My SIM is already registered with my Aardhaar card.