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AIRNORTH AIRLINES Contact Customer Service

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Airnorth Airlines is a regional airline that offers its services to the people in Australia. The headquarters of it is located in the Darwin International Airport. At the moment, Airnorth Airlines offers charter services and scheduled operations in Queensland, Northern Territory, East Timor, Western Australia and Victoria. It has been identified that Airnorth Airlines carries around 300,000 passenger per year with their fleet throughout 24 destinations. The fleet size of Airnorth Airlines is 14. The Airnorth Airlines was established back in 1978. At the beginning, it only offered charter flights. Airnorth Airlines was called as Air North International at that time. It was merged into another company in 2004 and changed its name to Airnorth Airlines. Airnorth Airlines has been able to maintain an excellent customer service in the past because of on-time performance. They have been able to deliver an on-time performance for all the passengers through Regional Development and Infrastructure Department. If you want to get more information about Airnorth Airlines or if you want to know about the services that are offered by this airline, you can contact us. Or else, you can directly contact Airnorth Airlines through their phone number and get answers.

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