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Airbnb Australia helpline contacts

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If you are a guest an need to call Airbnb you can get in contact Airbnb through Airbnb phone number and receive support about how to book a flat, billing matters and all you should know.

To make bookings easy, there is a contact us option on Airbnb Australia website as well as phone number to contact their office so that people can be provided with excellent customer service which will have a positive effect on the Airbnb Australia number of customers they will have.

Airbnb Australia is a company that deals with providing people with accommodations to rent particularly when they are on vacation or holidays and most times, the rentals are made through online booking which means it is only fitting that the company has a customer service center. Airbnb Australia customer service has a helpline number that people can call and the number is +61 2 8520 3333.

This is the number that people can call to either make bookings, enquiries or complaints about the quality of service. This way, the company is able to generate feedback from its customers which will enable it to constantly improve the quality of service. Airbnb Australia customer service has been set up in such a way that irrespective of a customer’s location in Australia, problems, questions and queries can be well attended to and this allows the company to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Another way to contact Airbnb Australia customer service is by making use of their contact us form that can be found on their website. This then allows a customer to send a message to them via email and a response is consequently provided to the customer.



Airbnb is a worldwide company with over 3 million listed places to stay all around the world. Airbnb Australia have a significant presence in Australia, where you can find accommodation in somebody’s home, or rent a full place for you. It is also useful for Australian’s citizens who are looking for accommodation options inside the country or around the world.

Airbnb has an online contact center. They have solved practically any inquiry you may have. You can reach it at:


If you are a member, when you get there, you will find personalized assistance. The system practically works by itself. People will see your listed place on the site if you are a host. When you are there to travel, you will be able to apply a filter to get your dream accommodation easily.

There are places for all budgets. Depending on your needs, you can choose accommodation on somebody’s couch or an entire home for a whole family. There is no time limit. If you want to crash for a single night or for a full month, you can book it through Airbnb.

When you reach Airbnb Australia contact center, they will suggest articles from their database that answer to the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find a reply to your inquiry, then type a question to get the answer.

Once you are a member of the Airbnb community, you will be given a personalized suggestion. If you are a host or a traveler, the options will change automatically. In the same page, you can report any problem with a reservation or payments.

With the same account, you can be both a host or a traveler. Depending on which has been your latest activity, the suggested topics will change. If you are new in Airbnb, the support team has prepared a complete guide to get started. Visit the following sites to learn everything about it:

https://www.airbnb.com.au/host/homes to rent your space

https://www.airbnb.com.au/help/getting-started/how-to-travel to start traveling



Airbnb opened its doors in 2008 with the intention of providing an alternative to hotel lodging across the world. The San Francisco based company lists vacation rental properties that can be sorted by location and price by the user.

Airbnb is an internet market that allows visitors to list, find, and rent vacation homes for a processing cost. Airbnb is an internet marketplace for accommodations that connects users with property to rent with users seeking to rent the area

At this time, there are currently over 1.5 million properties available for rent, with those homes spanning 34,000 different locations spread across 191 countries. When Airbnb first started, they were known as airbedandbreakfast.com, and essentially offered B&B alternatives to users having a hard time finding a hotel on short notice.

Airbnb name may have shortened, but the offerings expanded greatly, with users now able to book a home away from home online.

A valid email and valid cell phone were primarily the sole requirements to create a unique account on the site. Airbnb is the world's major software industry for space, and we keep getting bigger every full day. We believe engineering is a continuing procedure for learning and improvement, and this the ultimate way to learn is by getting help from your fellow engineers. Airbnb is a reliable marketplace for folks to list, discover, and e book unique accommodation surrounding the world from a cellular phone.

Airbnb claims that it's attracting people, younger tourists particularly, who in any other case wouldn't be exploring at all. The tempo that Airbnb keeps growing it will unquestionably eventually effect on the reliable accommodation suppliers long term rentals market and first home customers. Airbnb keeps growing its global business, impacting on small local business, local casing stock, job and neighborhood.

Contact Airbnb Australia for more detail. Airbnb Australia is a privately-owned company that was founded some 8 years ago with its major headquarters in California, United States. It is actually an online market place that gives people an opportunity to list, find and rent vacation homes for a particular fee. As of now, the company has over 2 million listings in about 34,000 cities located in 191 countries in the world.

The company was born out of a need to attend to the needs of people that are on a trip particularly business but unfortunately are unable to get a hotel to stay due to circumstances beyond their control. With the listing however, it becomes easy for people to travel and get a place to stay at a cheaper rate while at the same time getting good value for their money. Airbnb Australia has the largest market after the Airbnb in the United States thus showing the level of reception garnered by the company in Australia. Its headquarters for Australia is located in Sydney, the capital city of the country.

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I've been trying desparately to talk to an actual human about damage to our property after people booked our place through airbnb but having no luck,can some one help me?
This is crazy I need to speak to a person. I have had a charge placed on my credit card. I am not a member of aidbnb, in fact I did not know about it until I googled it. I have contacted my bank, they said to take it up with you first to see if the issue could be resolved. Please contact me ASAP Thank you Lyn Wright
I too have charge on my credit card from AirBNB Australia and have never used them and have no account with them. I too am desperately trying to contact them and the only way to email them is to create an account with them. I am not doing that! I am furious. I am currently hanging on the phone. I have dialled the Australian customer service number above and have hung on for 10 mins so far. I suspect it has been transferred offshore and is now in a queue. After 20 mins they have answered. It is definitely an offshore call centre. Were very helpful, took details and said it would be dealt with and refund forthcoming but still no way I can contact them and no timeline given. I await a response of some sort but I have also left problem with my bank who are lodging a dispute with them. Hope it all works out VW
My tenant has been operating a successful, lucrative Air Bnb business from my unit for the past 2 years without my written consent. I was totally oblivious to this until end January 2017. He was told to shut the site down immediately and referred to this as an illegal activity which affected my mortgage and insurance. He refused to close the site down and continued having Air BnB guests to stay, despite the unit being put up for sale and potential buyers viewing the unit. Instead of being apologetic, he was abusive and arrogant, saying his site is now on snooze. I suggest all landlords take note of this.
I have never heard of this mob and they have deducted money from my credit card account. I have tried rininging all the numbers I found online but couldn't get through to anyone. I am taking the matter to my bank tomorrow and also Consumer Affairs.