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AIR CANADA Contact Customer Service

Air Canada is a flight company that is based in Canada providing flight services to people around Canada and beyond and in order to provide the best services to their customers. The idea of the company is to build and maintain a good relationship with their customers by providing a platform through which customers can give feedback or make complaints.
There is a dedicated helpline number that customers can call to make a comment about the quality of service enjoyed and the number is 1-4030569-5333. This is the number that you can call for bookings of ticket and reservations as well as reviews about the kind of service you received. The customer service team is dedicated to attend to whatever issues customers might be having in order to provide them with the best customer experience as much as possible. There is also opportunity to reach them through fax or to send them a mail through their email address that will be made available once you click the email option.
Air Canada uses the customer service team to review the quality of their service regularly thus ensuring that there is a high level of satisfaction among customers.
Air Canada started operations back in 1937, and now serves as the largest air carrier in Canada. The company boasts a fleet of 169 aircraft, and serves 200 countries all over the world.
Air Canada operate 4 main hubs across the country, and had an operating income of close to $1.5 billion in 2015. Their main headquarters can be found in Montreal, Quebec, which is where they have to continue to operate in order to follow federal law.
While the company has had difficulties in the past, they are doing well now, and their customer service department can be reached at AirCanada Phone Number

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