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AFFINITY HEALTH Contact Customer Service

Affinity Health is a company that caters to private health. They have around 40+ hospitals located in Australia and three in Indonesia. They are considered to be Australia’s main private healthcare provider where they are able to treat almost a quarter of Australia’s populate. They have various treatments and services.
Affinity Health has been added to the hospitals acquired by Ramsay Health Care in 2005. Ramsay Health Care is the biggest provider of private healthcare in the different parts of the world such as Australia, United Kingdom, Indonesia, France and Malaysia. They specialize in rehabilitation, surgery and psychiatric care.
Ramsay Health Care is included in the list of top five private healthcare provider in the world. They are known globally for rendering quality patient care and maintaining the highest possible standard for safety. Ramsay Health Care is also well known and respected for being one of the best in the healthcare perspective.
With the merging of 2 companies that provide the best medical practice, what more could you ask for. Hand-in-hand they assure that patients will receive the care that they deserve without having to compromise quality and safety. When you’re with Affinity Health/Ramsay Health Care, you are well taken care of like family.

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