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ACT HOME PET CARE Contact Customer Service

ACT Home Pet Care provides various means of contact its customer service for its customers. Customers want to make inquiry or have useful information or comment for them can contact ACT Home Pet Care
On the following contact details:
For customers who prefer to make phone calls can call the following numbers: 02 6231 5989 or 0403 421 783. ACT Home Pet Care didn’t indicate the times to call their customer service and customer can use their discretion to determine when it is appropriate to call.
For customers who prefer to use the email address in order to register their calls in writing for reference purposes can do so using the following email address: tanya.andrew@homepetcare.com.au.
ACT Home Pet Care asked customers to include the date their animals require looking after, the number of animals requiring feed as well as the suburb where they are calling from or where they are located for easy contact after customer’s initial contact.
For customers who want to know about other pet care services, ACT Home Pet Care provides the following contact details:
For animal pet care services, the Pet Sitter phone number is 1300 306 507, the website is www.petsitter.com.au
For dog grooming services, ACT Home Pet Care provides Aussie Pooch Mobile services, Senja Immonen (Inner South), telephone 1300 369 369, website at www.aussiepm.com.au.

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