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ABB AUSTRALIA Contact Customer Service

ABB is an australian company is focused in engineering services ABB Australia is the Australian branch of ABB Ltd. which is originally a Swedish-Swiss multinational company that has its headquarters in Zurich Switzerland. ABB Australia operates across five major cities in the country namely: Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin with over 1500 people employed as staff. ABB Australia is one of the foremost companies in the world when it comes to power and automation engineering. ABB Australia is concerned with providing ways of ensuring secure ways of generating energy, as well as the transmission and distribution of electricity around the country in order to guarantee adequate supply of power. ABB Australia takes adequate care of its staff by providing them with optimum conditions to work in terms of health and safety while also meeting up with the demand of customers with great commitment to sustainability. Some of the products and services of ABB Australia include high voltage products, metallurgy products, motors and generators, power converters and inverters, transformers and robotics just to mention a few. For all the numerous products that ABB Australia offers, safety of customers using them as well as the quality of these products are paramount to the company. ABB Australia has customer service available round the clock which is quick and efficient thus making their contact us service one of the best around with phone numbers for their respective offices also available for making enquiries or complaints.

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