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AAMI car insurance contact number

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AAMI (Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited) is one of Australia's leading personal insurance providers. Some of the insurance services AAMI provides are car insurance, home insurance, life and income protection, health insurance, business insurance and several other types of insurance.

Since AAIM serves about 2.5 million policyholders, AAMI has worked tirelessly to provide a customer support experience that reflects their brand and goal in providing a high level of service. Consequently, customers can get in touch with AAMI through its 24/7 customer support across the several provided channels.



If you want to speak to a customer service representative, there are different AAMI phone numbers you can call. The nature of your query determines which of the phone numbers you should call. For general inquiries and queries related to business insurance and life & income insurance, you can call 13 22 44 or +61 3 8520 1300. However, if your query is about its travel insurance, you can call 13 22 44 or +61 7 3305 7053. These phone numbers are available from Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 6 PM.

But if you do not like making phone calls, you can visit the AAIM website which provides quite enough information about the operations of AAMI which you may find them helpful. You can also make claims on the site.

The Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) category on the website also contains tons of information as answers to questions many customers ask have been answered.

If you prefer the contact form option, visit The forms are simple to fill because AAMI wants the message to be brief. Once you've submitted the form, an AAMI customer service representative will contact you using the email address or the phone number you provided.

Nevertheless, if you feel the above methods are not suitable for you to communicate with AAMI, you can use the traditional mailing system by writing a letter and sending it to this address – GPO Box 2988, Brisbane QLD 4001 or AAMI Business Insurance, GPO Box 2470, Adelaide South Australia. Alternatively, you can visit the AMMI office at Melbourne, VIC, 3004. The AAMI office is open from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5:30 pm.



AAMI Australia is a major provider of insurance around the country. If there is a type of insurance that you need or want, chances are that they provide it. With how many customers they have, you will probably find a reason to contact their customer service at some point. Here is how you can reach the AAMI Australia customer service as quickly as possible.

For Claims and Enquiries, you can contact AAMI the 24 hour a day 7 day a week contact line at 13 22 44. If you are overseas you can contact +61 8520 1300. You also have the option to send them a message through their website.

For insurance fraud makes sure to use the AAMI Insurance Fraud Reporting phone number at 1300 881 725. This line will takes you to a dedicated team of insurance fraud fighters.

AAMI insurance car questions can be asked using the phone line at 13 22 44. Or you can use the contact form at For other company phone numbers, also visit the same link.



Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited, also known as AAMI is an insurance provider who offer several different policy services, such as auto, travel, home insurance, and more.

AAMI initially started out in 1934 by providing insurance to motor clubs, but took on their current name and expanded their operations back in 1970. AAMI, which is now part of the Suncorp Group, has its corporate headquarters in Brisbane, but they also operate several vehicle assessment centers in various different parts of the country.

AAMI has a ton of information about their services listed on their main website, but they can also be contacted directly by calling AAMI car insurance contact number 13 22 44, contact now and speak with customer care team to get a quotation, make a claim or get assistance.

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